Intelectual property

Creations and creators are rightly associated with the creative industries (such as advertising), but a creation is also often the source code of a computer program, or the shape of a piece of furniture.

JWMS provides services in each of the cases described above, as well as in many others.

Copyright protection exists by operation of law itself. However, the transfer of copyright between creators and their clients, as well as between any entities, may require the assistance of a specialised lawyer.

As part of our intellectual property practice:

  • we create and negotiate business contracts (between our clients and their contractors);
  • we draw up and negotiate employment and civil law contracts (including B2B), ensuring that our clients acquire intellectual property rights from their own personnel;
  • we represent clients in intellectual property matters both before courts and before public administration bodies;
  • we support investors in audits of entities in which they plan to invest (we examine, in particular, whether the entity has ensured the acquisition of key intellectual property rights);
  • we prepare companies (including start-ups) for audits conducted by investors.