Tax law

Providing professional legal advice often requires analysis of tax regulations.

A review of tax law is needed especially for purposes of creating corporate structures or drafting contracts. Our primary goal is for the client to understand what to expect from the tax authorities.

With regard to tax law, we believe that it is better to prevent than to cure. We identify areas of risk and identify solutions that help to avoid or minimize them. In each case, we also take into account the business context of cases entrusted to us.

In particular, we advise on income taxes, value added tax, civil law transaction tax and estate tax, as well as inheritance and gift tax (including succession planning and business succession services).

Among others:

  • we provide ongoing tax advice on the client’s business activities,
  • we analyze business contracts from the tax point of view (both as part of the preparation of the contract, as well as giving an opinion on the draft presented by the Client) – including taking into account international tax regulations relevant to cross-border contracts,
  • we analyze the tax consequences of other transactions, in particular conversions, mergers and acquisitions, creation and liquidation of companies,
  • we prepare analyses and legal and tax opinions,
  • we conduct proceedings related to obtaining tax ruling from tax authorities.