Personal data protection

Data protection is an area that is constantly gaining importance in the operations of many businesses. Increasingly, not only supervisory authorities, but also customers and business partners are paying attention to how information is processed and secured. That’s why it’s worth taking care of the right personal data management strategy for your company.

As part of this area of specialization, we help our clients meet the requirements of national and EU regulations. We prepare and implement documentation compliant with GDPR. We conduct audits and verify procedures and regulations and policies already in use. We train employees and support them in building a privacy-oriented organizational culture. We take care of legal security within the organization and in relations with contractors. We advise on how to properly implement new solutions and avoid the most common data protection violations.

In the event of incidents, the initiation of audits or proceedings, we represent our clients before courts and data protection enforcement authorities.

For more information, see Services – GDPR Implementation.