Real estate

The real estate market has always been one of the key business sectors of the economy. We clearly see it in our practice. That is why we provide legal services at all stages of the investment process. From the due diligence of the legal status of the property to the commencement of use. From the start of the investment to its commercialisation. 

Our specialists have gained experience providing legal services to significant construction companies and other entities in the real estate and construction investment market. We use this experience in handling transactions, as well as in representing our clients before the courts. 

W ramach praktyki prawa nieruchomości i inwestycji budowlanych

  • we conduct real estate due diligence procedures,
  • we provide comprehensive services in real estate transactions (e.g. we prepare and negotiate contracts for the sale of real estate, as well as lease agreements),
  • we provide comprehensive legal services for the investment process, including in particular: we provide legal services with respect to investment financing and establishment of collaterals, we prepare and negotiate agreements related to the construction process, we provide legal services in the process of sale or commercialisation of an investment,
  • we represent clients in court proceedings related to real estate (e.g. compensation processes, proceedings concerning the co-ownership dissolution or acquisitive prescription, cases concerning the establishment of easements).