Corporate litigation

Companies are not created with a view of having legal disputes within them. However, in certain situations a conflict is inevitable. At JWMS, we assist our clients both in the run-up to a corporate dispute (taking steps to reduce the risk of conflict and optimise our starting position should a dispute arise), as well as during the dispute (representing our clients in negotiations and litigation). 

JWMS lawyers have gained experience in a wide variety of corporate disputes – from simple non-competition-clause cases of a board member to complex, multi-party dissolution proceedings initiated by so-called ‘corporate prisoners’. In doing so, we provide legal services for corporate disputes at a uniquely high level. We achieve this thanks to the synergy of the competences of our litigation and corporate lawyers. 

As part of our corporate disputes practice: 

  • we negotiate on behalf of our clients in contentious situations (both from the perspective of the majority shareholders and from the perspective of the minority shareholders or the company itself); 
  • we advise, as well as represent, in matters requiring the intervention of the court (e.g. challenging resolutions of general meetings); and 
  • we represent shareholders and members of company bodies in disputes related to their positions (e.g. disputes concerning liability towards the company or liability for the company’s debts); 
  • we support our clients in enforcing their rights arising from their participation in the company.