Trademark registration

Every entrepreneur knows that in order to stand out from the competition, it is necessary to attract the customer’s attention as quickly as possible and to become memorable. This goal can be achieved with a well-promoted, visible and recognisable brand. We help our clients develop a strategy to protect their corporate image and ensure the legal security of key brand elements.

As part of our industrial property protection practice, we offer, among other things:

  • verification of the possibility of claiming a particular sign as a trademark (including verification of the registrability of: a new name, logo, products, services, slogans, graphics, symbols and other components of corporate identification),
  • advice on the scope, cost and territory of trademark registration,
  • examination of the availability of the mark, consisting in the verification whether there are competing marks in the databases of patent offices which could be considered identical or similar to the registered mark,
  • preparation and filing of a request for registration of a trademark with the relevant patent office, including in Poland, the European Union or any country in the world,
  • representation before the Polish Patent Office (UPRP), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),
  • preparing and filing oppositions to the registration of a competing trademark and applications for cancellation of a trademark,
  • preparing, verifying and negotiating trademark-related contracts, including copyright assignment and licensing agreements,
  • Verification of the legal status of a trademark (e.g. in case of preparations for the acquisition or sale of a trademark),
  • conducting disputes and negotiations and representation before courts and authorities in trademark matters, including civil, criminal and administrative proceedings,
  • enforcing infringements of registered trademarks,
  • conducting brand due diligence in the event of private or institutional investors’ interest in the brand,
  • support in building a franchise network, including preparation of relevant agreements and regulations with franchisees regarding the proper use of trademarks,
  • ongoing monitoring of the portfolio of registered trademarks or competition marks.

We invite anyone interested in building a professional image, properly securing brand rights and ensuring the security and stability of their business to contact us.