Simple joint-stock company

A modern structure facilitating the process of raising capital, in combination with a high degree of freedom (often greater than, for example, in a limited liability company) in shaping the articles of association – these features suggest that simple joint-stock company may be the optimal legal form not only for start-ups, but also for large, developed enterprises. 

At the same time, the simple joint-stock company is the ‘youngest’ of all the companies provided for in the Polish Commercial Companies Code (it can only be formed from 1 July 2021). In spite of the above, we have a unique experience of it. One of the partners of JWMS – Marcin Mazgaj – was a member of a dozen-person expert team that drafted the regulations introducing this company into Polish law.

The extensive experience of our specialists in the area of corporate law, combined with our openness to new technologies and solutions, means that in cases involving simple joint stock companies we advise in a manner that is not necessarily conventional, although always safe and beneficial to the client. 

Within the scope of our practice concerning simple joint stock companies, in particular: 

  • we advise on the choice of the legal form of the business (indicating the arguments “for” as well as “against” the simple joint stock company); 
  • we create simple joint stock companies that are “tailor-made” and adapted to the needs of our clients; 
  • we provide day-to-day corporate services.