Intellectual property disputes

In the modern world, industrial designs (what a product looks like), utility models (how it works) and patents (when it is an invention) are extremely important business assets.

They cannot be protected by a high fence or guards at the entrance. Industrial property is only protected by law.

The JWMS law firm assists clients in obtaining such protection (e.g. by registering designs with the competent institutions) and in enforcing it (with public agencies, courts of law and enforcement officers).

The JWMS team has vast experience in disputes concerning the legal protection of products. We have gained this by serving clients throughout Poland and abroad.

As part of our industrial property law practice:

  • we register industrial designs at the Polish Patent Office (for Poland) and at the European Union Intellectual Property Office – EUIPO (for the entire EU),
  • we invalidate industrial designs in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (for Poland) and in EUIPO (for the whole EU),
  • we obtain security for our Clients for prohibition claims (e.g. banning the sale of certain products) and assist in their enforcement, as well as fight against such security measures issued against our Clients,
  • we represent Clients before the Polish Patent Office, the EUIPO, intellectual property courts and administrative courts,
  • we represent clients in criminal cases related to industrial property before the public prosecutor’s office and criminal courts.