Legal services for start-ups

We support entrepreneurs at all stages of their business – from the first concepts to the launch of the finished product. We provide legal support throughout the life cycle of a start-up. We advise our clients regardless of their current stage of development – from the conceptual stage (pre-seed), seed, through the early stage, scaling (growth), expansion (expansion), to the maturity of the company and the exit stage (exit).

Involving a lawyer in validating an idea, testing solution prototypes, verifying the MVP, or analyzing the business model, gives the opportunity to make changes to improve the product, and sometimes to save time and money associated with involvement in a project that in practice could prove unprofitable or impossible.

Our most important task is to warn of possible legal risks and to identify areas of uncertainty and minimize the risks taken.

As part of our service to start-ups, among other things:

  • we assist in choosing the appropriate legal form of doing business (pointing out their advantages and disadvantages of particular forms) and formalizing further activities (by adapting the business model to the applicable regulations in the most favorable way),
  • we prepare Founders’ Agreement and other documents regulating relations in the founding team,
  • we help build a stable team (providing support in the process of recruiting personnel, designing the organizational structure, or regulating cooperation with foreigners),
  • we support from the legal side the management of talent and conflicts in the start-up,
  • we draw up agreements with collaborators and contractors (especially at the initial stage of activity, when it is very important to prepare proper agreements with people involved in the project, including programmers, graphic designers, or marketers, so as not to have problems with intellectual property rights to the project or departing team members),
  • we provide legal security in relations with individuals and institutions financing the start-up’s activities (such as business angels, venture capital funds, business gas pedals, crowdfunding platforms and others),
  • we conduct due diligence on the start-up, help prepare for investment, and review and negotiate investment agreements,
  • we prepare legally required policies and terms of service for users and customers of products and services offered by start-ups (including legal documents securing the operation of applications, programs, websites, social media platforms and any, other, innovative solutions),
  • we help our clients to comply with requirements of competition and consumer law, regulations on the provision of electronic services, personal data protection (GDPR), or anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing (AML),
  • we draft, review and negotiate contracts with clients and contractors,
  • we provide know-how on legal management of intellectual property in a start-up, protection of business secrets, fighting unfair competition, limiting the liability of start-up founders, or conducting legally secure marketing.

Working with start-ups is interesting for many reasons. We most enjoy watching the development of the brands created by our clients and their subsequent strengthening of their position in the market.