Verification of development contracts and real estate due diligence

Buying your own house or apartment is one of the most important and stressful decisions made in adult life. This investment often involves a loan, later repaid over many years. Our job is to help you go through the process with a feeling of security and certainty about the terms of the transaction you are entering into.

In the course of searching for the apartment of one’s dreams, one meets many realtors, developers, notaries, contacts banks, managers, or private or institutional sellers. With some of them, one enters into contracts, which are worth examining in detail before signing them.

Our experience is based not only on serving individual clients, but also on representing developers, contractors and construction entrepreneurs. Thanks to our knowledge of the industry, we are able to quickly spot significant risks associated with a transaction and propose changes acceptable to all parties involved.

W ramach praktyki prawa nieruchomości i inwestycji budowlanych między innymi:

  • we conduct legal audits of real estate, including checking land and mortgage registers and verifying contracts relating to the property to be purchased,
  • we prepare, verify and negotiate contracts concluded with real estate agents,
  • we provide comprehensive services for transactions involving the purchase or sale of real estate,
  • we prepare, verify and negotiate contracts relating to real estate, including reservation agreements, preliminary agreements, developer agreements, sale agreements, transfer of ownership agreements, promised agreements and lease and rental agreements,
  • we assist in negotiations with the developer or seller of the property,
  • we assist in regulating the legal status of the property,
  • we provide legal services in terms of verification of collateral for the transaction,
  • we assist clients in verifying administrative decisions regarding real estate;
  • we accompany our clients during the conclusion of real estate contracts, including notarial activities, and make sure that everything proceeds to the very end in accordance with prior arrangements,
  • in the event of a conflict with a developer or seller, we represent clients in administrative and court proceedings related to real estate.

If, instead of analyzing complicated contracts, you want to focus on designing your new house or apartment, you can entrust the verification of all documents and seeing to other formalities to our lawyers.