Marketing industry

Businesses that provide advertising or marketing services must respond dynamically and flexibly to both the needs of their clients and to current trends and situation on the market. They should also constantly take care to have the right employees and subcontractors, without whom they cannot provide their services.

At the same time, their activities often are influenced by the law, and irresponsible actions can expose both these companies themselves and their customers to consequences.

Since we started our law firm, JWMS has provided services to companies involved in advertising and marketing, including interactive agencies, online advertising specialists (SEO / SEM), creative agencies, graphic designers, photographers, artists and companies in the event industry.

We also support our clients in these industries in, among other things:

  • drafting contracts for their services, especially taking into account the nature of specific projects (e.g., contracts for creation of websites and portals, contracts for graphic design, contracts for permanent cooperation, for example regarding SEO and SEM),
  • drafting contracts with employees and subcontractors (especially with regard to the transfer of copyrights and non-competition rules),
  • drafting regulations for contests, advertising campaigns and marketing events,
  • joint analysis of branding and naming (we analyze it from the point of view of the risk of infringement of other people’s trademarks and the possibility of obtaining protection for a new brand),
  • preparation of legal elements for websites and portals (termins and conditions, privacy policies, forms, consents, instructions and other documentation),
  • disputes concerning advertising and marketing activities (e.g., in cases involving similarity of logos or other works related to advertising and marketing activities, disputes over the use of copyrights belonging to others, or against the publishing unfavorable information on the Internet).