Manufacturing industry

Companies in the manufacturing industry create the reality around us. The laptop on which we browse this website, the chair we sit in and the package of healthy, fruity crisps.

Each of these things, and an innumerable variety of others, has a lot to do with the law. The laptop has to do with patent law, the chair with industrial property law and the crisps with the law governing food production.

Less directly, but just as strongly, they are affected by transport law (supply chains) and the law relating to users’ safety (who has never seen the distinctive ‘CE’ stamp?).

JWMS supports Clients in all areas of law related to manufacturing – including:

  • registration of industrial designs and invalidation of competitors’ industrial designs,
  • advising on product quality certification and compliance with standards,
  • drafting contracts to secure the supply and distribution of products,
  • obtaining subsidies for production-related projects.