Among our clients are both well-established technology companies and start-ups just beginning their adventure in the world of innovation. We provide services to software houses employing dozens of people and freelancers working on their own. We represent both developers and those who acquire software. By taking different perspectives, we better understand the business and technical aspects of the IT industry.

We support entrepreneurs at all stages of ongoing projects – from analysis and implementation, to software maintenance and development. We help regulate business relationships based on various IT service management systems. We advise on how to combine the legal security of the project with the dynamically changing expectations of clients and customers – regardless of the work methodology used (agile, waterfall, mixed methodologies), or the chosen billing model (time & material, fixed price, others).

We draft, verify and negotiate for our clients all types of contracts specific to the IT sector. This includes contracts for implementation, servicing or licensing software as well as various SLAs, NCAs and NDAs. We prepare contracts with programmers, UX and UI designers, graphic designers and other employees and subcontractors. We also provide audits and training (including for judges adjudicating IT-related cases in courses organized by the Allerhand Institute Foundation).

We have experience in transactions in the new technology market, including those with an international scope. We know how to comprehensively secure the processes of commercialization and distribution of IT products. At the same time, we understand that behind any success is most often not only a proven technology, but first of all the team that creates it – that’s why we help protect human capital and know-how accumulated over the years.