Construction and real estate industry

The construction industry is characterized by very dynamic changes, which require adequate responses, understanding of the specifics of the Client’s business and application of optimal legal solutions. Due to the wide range of construction work (including general contracting, substitute investing, commercial and residential projects, reconstruction of existing buildings – including historic buildings, assemblies, renovations, demolitions and other construction work) there is a need for constant analysis of market and legal changes. The vast majority of cases also require knowledge of technical aspects related to the nature of the works in question. Providing services to entrepreneurs in the construction industry, we take into account the conditions arising from the nature of the investment and construction process, the requirements imposed by the construction law, and above all the expectations and intentions of the Client.

We provide comprehensive legal services to companies in the construction and real estate industry. We provide legal support to executed projects, including in all relations with investors, general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, at all stages of the implementation of the investment project. We provide legal support for investments from the moment the decision is made to start the project until the end of the warranty period and often longer – in the process of commercialization of premises. We solve problems related to the implementation of investments, including disputes over timeliness, quality of work performed, additional work, the burden of contractual penalties and reasons for termination of contracts. We draft and review contracts to best protect the interests of our Clients. We also conduct negotiations to work out favorable provisions of contracts. In particular, we advise on construction contracts, cooperation contracts, execution contracts, design contracts, work contracts, service contracts, taking into account the specifics and dynamics of changes occurring in the construction market.

We also have experience in conducting legal audits of real estate. We provide also comprehensive legal services for the process of their sale and lease. We support our clients in all sorts of disputes concerning real estate, including in particular compensation processes, cases for the establishment of easements, acquisitions, cases for the abolition of co-ownership, proceedings to update the annual fee for perpetual usufruct, cases of planning annuities, or adiacenc fees.