Employment law

The strength of any entrepreneur is based on human capital.

JWMS offers comprehensive solutions in the field of individual and collective employment law.

Our specialists have gained experience in this field while providing services to international entities employing employees in Poland in body leasing, extended team or employer of record models (e.g. programmers). Such clients need service from A to Z – and this is what we provide.

We also support numerous companies in the human resources sector, which allows us to always be up to date with trends in staffing.

As part of our employment law practice:

  • we conduct legal audits (we examine contracts and other documents for their legality),
  • we draw up and negotiate employment and civil law contracts (including B2B), between our clients and members of their staff,
  • we draft and negotiate non-competition and confidentiality agreements for our clients’ personnel,
  • we draft and negotiate employment regulations and collective bargaining agreements,
  • we handle group and individual dismissals,
  • we represent clients in employment law disputes (including cases related to mobbing, discrimination and sexual harassment).