Currently, strictly legal issues very often intersect with tax issues. Often it is not possible to give comprehensive legal advice without considering the tax aspect.

We are aware that the potential consequences of tax regulations may pose a threat to the existence of even a thriving entity. In many cases, the associated risk may be decisive in connection with, e.g., creating capital structures or contracting.

For this reason, in presenting advice for the client, we always try to take into account the possible tax consequences intended by its activities, and in particular to provide a comprehensive solution for how to best shape the planned activities.

Our primary goal is to give the client clarity about what can be expected, also from the tax authorities.

We work so as to primarily prevent, rather than cure – although, of course, we also provide support for the taxpayers already undergoing pending proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts. In any case, we take into account the business context of every case entrusted to us.

Our practice covers the entire tax system, and in particular, income taxes, value-added tax, stamp duty and property tax. We also provide our clients with support in matters not directly related to business activity, e.g. in terms of inheritance tax and gift tax.

Our practice of tax law involves:

  • providing tax advice regarding our clients’ businesses on an on-going basis,
  • analysing contracts from the tax point of view (both in the preparation of draft agreement and giving opinions on the draft submitted by the client) – in particular with regard to international tax regulations relevant to cross-border contracts,

  • analysing international capital structures from the point of view of Polish tax regulations and internation double tax treaties,
  • analysing the tax consequences of other transactions, i.e. in particular transformations, mergers and acquisitions, the formation and liquidation of companies,

  • presenting solutions related to tax planning,
  • developing analyses and opinions concerning legal and tax issues indicated by the client,,

  • conducting proceedings associated with obtaining binding tax rulings of the Ministry of Finance,
  • representing clients in proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts, also during tax audits and checks.