Real estate and construction law

Our clients do great things. To strengthen their success, we provide legal assistance in many fields of specialisation. One of the primary fields of our specialization is consulting within the practice of real estate law and construction investments. The lawyers employed at JWMS specialize both in construction law and in the wider real estate law.

What can we do for you?

We provide legal services at all stages of the investment process. From auditing the legal status of the property to accession to use. From the commencement of the project to its commercialization.

We negotiate the rules of acquisition of real estate. We assist in obtaining the necessary administrative decisions. We advise on obtaining funds for investments and establishing transactions security. We help in resolving the legal status of the property, when it is not entirely clear. In representing investors, general contractors or subcontractors, we negotiate favourable principles of realizing and settling works. We conduct comprehensive legal processes of selling or renting real estate. Moreover, we are also willing to negotiate lease agreements on behalf of tenants, concluded with large-area retail chains.

We undertake representation in all kinds of disputes concerning real estate, particularly in compensation proceedings, restitution proceedings, cases concerning the establishment of an easement or cases of abolition of co-ownership. After all, our real estate lawyers have significant experience gained in conducting these types of disputes. Our expertise in real estate law and construction investments was obtained during the provision of legal assistance to developers, shopping centres, construction companies and individuals.

Building the legal security of our clients, we lay a milestone for their success.

Within the practice of real estate law and construction projects:

    • we carry out legal audits of real estate;
    • provide comprehensive support for transactions involving properties (e.g. prepare and negotiate contracts of sale of real estate, as well as rental and lease agreements);
    • conduct comprehensive legal services for the investment process, particularly including:
      • support in obtaining the necessary administrative decisions (those determining the conditions of building and land development, and issues of building permits) and the reviews and approvals required;
      •  provision of legal services in the field of funding investments and hedging transactions;
      •  preparation and negotiation of contracts related to the conduct of the construction process;

– provision of legal services to sales process or commercialization of investments;

  • we represent clients in administrative and judicial proceedings related to real estate (e.g. compensation proceedings, proceedings concerning expropriation, the abolition of joint ownership or prescription, cases for the establishment of easements, cases for annulment of development plans, procedures for updating the annual fee for perpetual usufruct, cases of zoning fees, cases of adjacent fees).