Personal data protection

Nowadays it is hard to imagine an entrepreneur who does not process personal data. Any activity on personal data, even just storing them, requires meeting a number of legal and technical requirements. JWMS meets the expectations of entrepreneurs, providing comprehensive and specialized services in the field of personal data protection in companies.

Processing of personal data in modern business

Nowadays, a particularly important issue involves the processing of personal data by businesses and companies operating in e-commerce (e.g. websites, online stores, Internet exchange services) and entrepreneurs relying on modern online marketing techniques (newsletter, mailing). This model of action often assumes the use of a number of subcontractors processing personal data collected by an entrepreneur. An example would be hosting an online store, or using the services of an external operator for mailing or SMS campaigns. Therefore, it is extremely important to carry out precise and specialized audits of documentation of the personal data processed for companies.

Even entrepreneurs who do not rely on modern means of communication in their activities, process personal data in many situations.

For many years now, we have been providing our clients with services allowing the implementation of best practices in the field of personal data protection in their companies. These solutions perfectly complement the guidelines, regulations and agreements we create.

Within the practice of protecting personal data in our clients’ companies, we perform:

  • legal audits of companies and websites in terms of the legality of the processing of personal data;
  • registering personal data files in the register kept by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO);
  • preparing documentation of the processing of personal data required by law (security policy and information system management, as well as records of authorizations for access to personal data);
  • training for personnel in the field of the company’s rules for data protection;
  • conducting disputes and negotiations on matters of processing personal data contrary to the provisions;
  • creation and negotiation of contracts and other documents containing personal data (entrusting the processing of personal data, access to personal data, and authorization for the processing of personal data).