The strength of an entrepreneur is based on human capital. Our clients’ employees are to be the drive of development, rather than the brake. That is why our law firm offers comprehensive solutions for individual and collective labour law. JWMS tries to shape labour relations in order to minimize the risk of conflicts. As a result, employees can work effectively and safely and the employer can rest assured that their human capital is used optimally.

Range of services

Our firm helps to manage human resources through the creation of an efficient system of internal standards of labour law. As part of our services, our firm performs legal audits in terms of labour law, developing employee records, as well as prepares and verifies the internal sources of labour law. We specialise in consulting in terms of concluding in-house and multi-enterprise contracts and agreements, as well as negotiations with trade unions and individual workers. Labour law also includes supporting our clients during the dismissal of workers and restructuring processes.

In a situation where a dispute cannot be avoided, our law firm represents clients before the courts and during settlement negotiations. Our firm does not avoid difficult or controversial issues – including those related to mobbing, discrimination and sexual harassment.

The clear rules for employment law created by our law firm eliminate conflicts.

As part of the practice of our law firm in employment law:

  • we carry out legal audits of labour law,
  • we develop employee documentation (e.g. employment contracts, managerial contracts, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements),
  • we prepare and verify e.g. work regulations, remuneration, teleworking, statutes, collective agreements,
  • we serve individual and collective redundancies,
  • we provide representation in individual disputes within labour law – both before the courts and in negotiations (including matters related to mobbing, discrimination and sexual harassment),
  • we support clients in negotiations in the event of a collective dispute under labour law;
  • we conduct training in labour law.