Legal audits

Reliability and security. We know that these are primary aspects which our clients expect when agreeing on a transaction. Our role is to perfectly prepare these transactions and make our clients aware of a contract’s benefits and risks before signing it.

We undertake legal audits in a very wide range. We conduct due diligence of companies on mergers and acquisitions. We analyse companies during audits conducted for joint venture transactions. We carry out due diligence of real estate upon purchase. Using the broad range of specializations of our team members, we make sure that no detail escapes the attention of our clients. We always pass information in a clear and precise manner, devoid of juridical pomposity. We do so because our priority has always been to make our clients feel comfortable and safe.

We create the foundations for the transactions through which our clients change the world.

When providing services in the field of legal audits:

  • We conduct due diligence of companies and enterprises (in particular for mergers and acquisitions, joint-venture agreements and other investment agreements) and real estate (in particular for the acquisition of real property or the right of perpetual usufruct) or other property;
  • We verify the legal status of the assets which are the subject of the proposed transaction and the legal situation of the future contractor (we do this – depending on client requirements – either based on the information provided by the client, or by personally verifying the source documents to the fullest extent possible);
  • We carry out legal audits of labour law and the protection of personal data, and audits involving comprehensive analyses and verification of contracts used by the client;
  • We prepare – depending on a client’s request – short, precise information or detailed, multi-faceted and comprehensive reports from the audit;
  • We perform tax and legal audits in an effort to verify the correctness of a client’s tax settlement (including income tax, VAT and property tax).