Debt collection

Collection of receivables from clients is neither easy nor pleasant; therefore, to relieve our clients of this laborious process, we support them at every stage of recovery proceedings. The scope of our activities includes not only the effective recovery of debts, but also the analysis of the business and legal situation of clients to determine the cause of the gridlock and to prevent them from occurring in the future.

Our range of services

We help our clients at all stages of recovery proceedings – from negotiations with the contractor in arrears, to enforcement proceedings or bankruptcy proceedings. We always strive to finalise recovery proceedings amicably, so that the client recovers as much of the overdue payments without incurring additional costs or taking the risk of litigation. We suggest amicable solutions, even at the stage of court proceedings and to this end, we are building special litigation tactics.

However, when ending a dispute amicably is not possible, our long-standing experience and extensive knowledge of the civil procedure and enforcement decisions help us reach an efficient and satisfactory execution.

We cooperate with the most effective bailiffs – both in Kraków and other locations. With extensive experience and knowledge of the nuances of recovery proceedings, we can recover difficult debts.

Our counselling has not only repeatedly helped in the recovery of outstanding debts, but also prevented their emergence in the future thanks to the introduction of effective legal procedures for our clients.

So far we have provided support in terms of recovery in and around Kraków for, among others:

  • a large Kraków-based electro-technical wholesale store,
  • a Lesser Poland (Małopolska region) leader in the production of advertising clothing,
  • a leading chemical wholesale store,
  • many construction companies in Kraków.
  • As part of recovery, the extensive experience of our firm’s employees allows us to:
  • analyse the client’s liquidity from the legal point of view,
  • advise how to optimize this liquidity and secure transactions better,
  • negotiate settlements (both pre-court, and at the stage of court proceedings),
  • prepare requests for payment and call bills of exchange,
  • represent clients before courts and bailiffs,
  • coordinate recovery proceedings (held in Kraków and other locations),
  • prepare pleadings and other necessary documents,
  • advise and support clients during the entire recovery proceedings.

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