We train the best

We are aware that knowledge is the key to success. As part of our services we offer a whole set of training courses covering proven legal and business solutions that help to ensure the market success of our clients.

We offer comprehensive services in the field of training – both for businesses and public sector bodies, including intellectual property rights (in particular the rights for new technologies), labour law and corporate law.

Our training courses are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We provide conference rooms (in Kraków and other cities) and training materials. We remain available to our clients at all times in order to dispel any doubts and answer all questions.

We have carried out, among others:

  • training in labour law for companies from the financial sector,
  • training in intellectual property rights, legal aspects of e-commerce and tax law for start-ups in one of the larger co-working offices in Kraków,
  • comprehensive training in civil law (including contract law), tax law and labour law for a holding of IT companies operating in Warsaw and Kraków,
  • training on “Contracts in IT” addressed to employees and experts in the legal and IT industry,
  • training in data protection law.

The above examples are only a part of our experience and comprehensive services, which include:

  • training in labour law with particular emphasis on the issue of mobbing and establishing the employment relationship,
  • training in corporate law and other issues relating to economic activities (in order to select the right form for the entrepreneurs and to make the consumers aware of the possible entities they may encounter in the market and how they work),
  • training in legal regulations concerning real estate and property security,
  • training in construction law,
  • training in economic criminal law and tax criminal law,
  • training in the protection of personal data and the provision of electronic services,
  • training in drawing up and securing commercial contracts.