Good solutions. We only use good solutions in drawing up contracts. Broad expertise in contract law, close cooperation with our clients and exceptional listening skills allow us to predict what the appropriate solution would be in a given situation.

We draw up contracts from scratch in a very wide range of specialisations. Our knowledge of construction, transport, fuel, food, media, new technologies and e-commerce industries is indispensable in drawing up efficient contracts.

We can also balance out security and functionality in a contract. Our proposed methods of securing a contract are tailored to its nature, so as to prevent them being too expensive or non-functional. The degree of security also depends on the outcome of a legal audit in a potential partner, performed on request in order to verify one’s partner’s adequacy and feasibility of the intended project.

We create the framework for successful business cooperation.

Our practice in contract law involves:

  • We prepare and negotiate commercial contracts as well as contracts of employment or civil law forming the basis for employment in a client’s company;
  • We check contracts which already in force, introducing necessary changes and evaluating the risks arising from those contracts;
  • We verify the legal status of the assets which are the subject of the proposed transaction and the legal situation of the future contractor (we do this – depending on client requirements – either based on the information provided by the client, or personally verifying the source documents in the appropriate extent).
  • We ensure the fulfilment of the contract’s formal requirements (assisting the client with the notary or during a public auction).