Flexibility and inventiveness in a changing world – JWMS – Kraków law firm

JWMS law firm based in Kraków was established as a joint venture by attorneys M. Jakubowski, T. Wiese, M. Mazgaj, M. Staszek and J. Marczyński. JWMS combines the professional experience gained in Kraków’s leading law firms and in the public sector as well as the academic career at the Jagiellonian University with practical knowledge of business. As a result, our proposed legal solutions fully serve our clients and their undertakings, and at the same time meet the highest professional and ethical standards. The experience of the JWMS team primarily focuses on legal services in the field of commercial law, civil law, labour law, as well as issues of law and new technologies.

We work as a team, and our qualifications complement each other. Thanks to the broad spectrum of specializations of JWMS solicitors, our firm is distinguished by the highest quality of services in many areas of law, creating a solid brand.

Range of services

We provide highly specialized services in a very wide range. Our law firm offers its clients the entire spectrum of comprehensive legal services targeted at large and medium-sized enterprises operating in Poland and abroad. We wish to offer our services not only to companies with a long tradition, but also to businesses of an innovative nature.

The main mission of our team is to provide effective legal solutions that will contribute to the effective operations of our clients. In cooperation with our contractors, we use modern means of communication. We provide our legal services not only in Kraków, but also by phone, e-mail or, if necessary – via a videoconference. The client is treated as a partner, and all orders are carried out immediately.

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