Experience is the major asset of JWMS. Gaining it takes time and hard work. Experience pays off in our contacts with clients who put a lot of trust in JWMS.

Years of work have taught us that no two cases are alike. We approach each case with due care, avoiding clichés and routinely repeating patterns. This allows us to see opportunities where there seem to be none, making sure not to overlook the risks visible only after a closer analysis.

JWMS Partners specialize in various complementary areas. This enables us to competently and responsibly advise clients in almost every case. Our experience is based on solid academic foundations, which have resulted, e.g. in a number of scientific publications. Our university careers ensure that we meet the highest professional standards, also from a theoretical point of view.

The professional experience of JWMS Partners includes:

  • legal services for complicated corporate disputes;
  • legal services for large construction projects;
  • legal services for commercialization of retail chains;
  • creating proposals for restructuring of insolvent construction companies to protect against their liquidation in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • representation of companies in complex disputes on the protection of personal rights, labour law, mobbing, sexual harassment, in corporate disputes, as well as in criminal matters;
  • advice on the legal aspects of land development and real estate management;
  • legal assistance for businesses from the IT and e-commerce industry, including aspects of data protection, copyright and electronic services;
  • conducting complex recovery in cases of concealment of assets by the debtor;
  • training for entrepreneurs, executives and employees in the field of labour law (mobbing, establishing an employment relationship, employment of board members in capital companies), personal data protection, intellectual property law, corporate law and economic criminal law.

JWMS Partners have gained their expertise in the course of providing legal assistance to such entities as:

  • a large chain of shopping centres;
  • one of the largest oil companies in Poland;
  • everal companies in the property development sector;
  • one of the largest companies in the chemical industry in Poland;
  • a leading entity in the media sector;
  • one of the largest technical universities in Poland;